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or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

Adam Wright
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Anxious INTP geek with wide ranging interests. Vegetarian, atheist, currently single and not really looking. I enjoy programming Macs but rarely get the chance, and find myself burried deep in web development, professionally.

I'm a slightly old-school Perth furry (since around '99). I came for the art but the local community that's popped up is too full of wonderful souls to ignore.

Very wide gamut in musical taste, thanks to my best friend tommmo, who has cultivated an unnatural expertise in pursuing sounds that rub my soul the right way. You can see said sounds in the clouds.

You'll find me at Swancon, Terracon and MiDFur annually. Also hooked on the Somerville weekly throughout summer – I seem to waste all my money on nice food and an indiscriminate addiction to movies.

Don't expect me to add you to my Facebook friends list unless I know you in real life, but you can stalk me via my Twitter feed and various other social networking sites linked off my Google Profile or just plain email me.

This photo's from the Perth Royal Show a few years back. I have a short beard and moustache now.