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Thursday, 30th December, 2010

hipikat @ 12:09 PM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
So I hear LJ's coming back... Probably TMI ranting within.
Word on the street is that in 2011 everyone's going to abandon Twitter and return to LJ, so I'm getting in early. I've always liked LJ, but it's one of the stickiest mediums for me, mostly because I've always philosophically liked the idea of entries in this format being public; and over the last several years most of the interesting parts of my life have been becoming increasingly more private.

Actually, come to think of it that really is a problem. Well if you don't start seeing more updates from me, either you're not on my interesting filters or I've failed to actually start updating more regularly again.

Okay so what was 2011 all about which is fit for public consumption?

Relationship with helen_jess was reborn from the ashes and subsequently fell apart again. Though we remain extremely close, we haven't been spending quite so much time together as we were after the first time we broke up. This is probably attributable to her spending much time with her new beau as well as my being distracted by a world of things I'm probably not going to include in this post.

And suddenly for the first time in my life really I'm finding an actual vague desire to want to meet people for possible ongoing emotional involvement. It's most annoying. Mostly because I have no idea if this state would have come about naturally and it's just a function of ageing, or if it's because I got used to it. In any case, while the overwhelming bisexuality at my core opens up a lot of possibilities, the desire to have this role exclusively filled by kinky furries somewhat limits them.

So what else for 2010? Probably drank way more than I should have and didn't get much sleep, but that's not out of ordinary and I'm pretty sure I'm not in a horrible danger zone yet. Plus it was mostly in the name of awesome fun, mostly with new people. Incredible amount of introductions had this year, probably the majority related at some level to concepts brought up in the previous paragraph.

Moar stuffs. I built speakers but couldn't force myself to get around to painting them. Went to Melbourne twice and accomplished my life goals. Made an awful lot of scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast. Bought an iPad and got an incredible amount of use out of it. Had my bike stolen through stupidity and had my amazing friends buy me a new one for my birthday. Started to buy really quite nice underwear. Won the UCC::ProgComp, beating all the other entrant.

Yus, but overall my year seems to have been defined by the fact that I've been enjoying living with doctor_k_ and strangedave far too much to find time to post to LJ. But I think I like LJ! Much more room to be flowery.


(Anonymous) @ 4:23 AM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
hipikat @ 4:39 AM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
Just... in general?
tzisorey @ 5:00 AM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
Glad to hear you're still around. ^-^
hipikat @ 5:14 AM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
Hello to you to =^.^= I tried to find contact details for you briefly a while ago; have you disappeared completely from IM or am I crazy?
tzisorey @ 5:25 AM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
Not as such - though I'm pretty much exclusively on Y!M (tigerwuf) and gtalk (tzisorey[at] nowadays. Just got far too much spam and phishing from the others. :P It's always connected, but I'm not always in front of it - as usual ;)
drhoz @ 5:56 AM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
*waves enthusiastically* Nice to see you surface again :D
transcendancing @ 5:59 AM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
Nice to see you here again :)
hipikat @ 6:03 AM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
Did everyone move to Dreamwidth or something while I wasn't looking?
transcendancing @ 6:12 AM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
Yes - but I still read/post to both. Do you want an invite?
hipikat @ 2:57 PM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
No thank you I'm extremely suspicious of Dreamwidth.

Have they done much to advance the LJ source?
transcendancing @ 3:12 PM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
Dreamwidth is awesome, has significant fan focus also social justice and equality focus that they take seriously.

I find their service far superior to LJ, more privacy conscious and more interested in developing the code in various ways - which they provide pretty detailed updates for week to week.

I'm thus far really impressed with them. My favourite feature is that they crosspost to other journal platforms.
fairbank_otts @ 6:47 AM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
I've spent the better half of the year getting to know new furries, and I've discovered that there's a lot of them out there and they are all pretty awesome in various ways. I don't think limiting your potential partner to furries is as limiting as what I once thought, not by a long shot.
hipikat @ 3:00 PM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
Yus. And thankfully the intersection between 'furry' and 'kinky' is pretty large. It's just that all the new furs lately have either been straight identifying men or teetotalers who dislike porn :/
dilettantiquity @ 9:23 AM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
I applaud the Not Fit For Public Consumption of which I know, and thank you for the little push in that direction - it has been one of the highlights of a rather patchy year. /gratitude
hipikat @ 3:02 PM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
And all my NFFPC activities were inspired by others before me... I'm really loving the flow-on effects I'm seeing in certain domains.
vegetus @ 2:04 PM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
wolphin @ 3:22 AM on Fri, 31 Dec 10
I never really left LJ. Does that mean I'm ahead of the trend?