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Thursday, 17th June, 2010

hipikat @ 3:53 PM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
Portable MacGyver pack
So I accidentally bought an iPad.

Now I have a sizeable and user friendly chunk of ubiquitously connected computing power that's small and light enough to carry everywhere. It feels natural that the little bag hosting it should be decked out with a standard set of useful things, to help me MacGyver my way out of sticky situations.

This morning I started making a list! Now I'm asking for useful suggestions. So far I've got:

  • Pen

  • Unlined Moleskine (there's a thin one the exact size of the iPad)

  • Zippo lighter

  • A few metres 5mm rope (good climbing store type)

  • A few metres 2mm elastic rope (ditto)

  • A Leatherman (I'm looking at the Juice S2)

  • Pillbox with assorted pills (multivitamins, analgesics, anxiolytics, conradin suggests laxatives =O.o=)

  • Condoms

  • Small hair brush

  • Hair lackeys

  • iPad

  • Small cloth

I'm skipping on the torch because my phone's carried by default and the iPad can output a reasonable number of photons on demand.

Added thanks to comments (sorry if you didn't make the cut, I am trying to minimise my weight here):
  • Flash drive (containing password encrypted scans of important documents)

  • Paperclip

What's missing from this list?


ataxi @ 3:59 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
EPIRB, fake passports (Canada, Zimbabwe), a lightweight all-purpose lock, and something that emits a useful amount of light.
justadecoy @ 4:02 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
Keyring sized torch, preferably hand crank powered.
leemur @ 4:10 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
Flash drive containing password encrypted scans of important documents.
akire_yta @ 4:10 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
shrydar @ 4:10 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
1-2mm inelastic rope (a travel washing line will do at a pinch). Great for jury rigging repairs to accelerator cables that have detached from the pedal in the back blocks of the Scottish highlands.

Travelwash (for washing your hands in the absence of water)

I'd recommend an Enjo indoor miracle for the small cloth. Fantastic for cleaning screens.

Paperclip (great for changing iPhone SIMs - can't be arsed checking the nearest iPad to see if the same holds true for those).
David Adam <zanchey> [] @ 4:36 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
Rather than a Leatherman, I have a Swiss Card which was a present but is a lot lighter, and really the knife and scissors is all I ever use.

The only other thing I also carry in my bag which goes everywhere is a tiny first aid kit, consisting of a couple pairs of gloves, a resuscitation face mask, a triangular bandage or two and some Band-Aids.
hipikat @ 4:47 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
Well I was thinking 'knife, scissors', then realised I could really do with a screwdriver, pliers, bottle opener... And the Leatherman seems to have some kind of geek cred.

Rope'll work as well as anything for a tourniquet, right?
David Adam <zanchey> [] @ 4:53 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
That's a joke, right?
hipikat @ 4:57 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
Look I'm not William Einstein.
doctor_k_ @ 5:24 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
And just what are you planning on tourniqueting young man? Get thee a pressure immobilisation bandage, unless you're planning on entering a landmine area. Then you'll need 4 military style tourniquets, which you wear on your limbs (no use to you in your bag).
(Anonymous) @ 4:44 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
hipikat @ 4:54 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
Decided against Band-Aids, reassured by the ED motto, "all bleeding stops eventually".
doctor_k_ @ 5:25 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
You're allowed to help it, you know. Direct pressure works better than band-aids.
tzisorey @ 4:54 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
You got an iPad too? I got mine yesterday ;)

I'd recommend a 3G to Ethernet router of some description, and some variety of battery operated Jasager device ^_^
hipikat @ 5:00 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
Yup. Decided I couldn't afford one months in advance... Then accidentally rang my local store and found out they had some in stock at about 9:05 AM on launch day.
thanners @ 5:11 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
heehee.. Accidentally rang up the store? And accidentally went in, and accidentally bought one? (Oh my gosh, how'd I end up with this?)

iPad looks pretty cool, but I can't (yet) justify buying myself one, much as I'd want one.

tzisorey @ 5:57 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
I love the origami transition on the photoframe on the lock screen ^-^

And I second the "Accidentally?" ;)
evil_megz @ 6:00 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
A stick of chewing gum.

Among its many uses will be plugging up holes such as the ones worms will make in stupid apple products.
caitlen @ 6:04 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
I'm going to suggest duct tape as well, since it's good for taping together wounds as well as it's myriad of other uses. I'm also going confirm the suggestion of the swiss card, ( ) which has scissors, a knife, nail file, toothpick, tweesers & a pen, as well as all the measurements on the card itself. Hard to carry through an airport though. Think about one of the temporary washing lines that don't need pegs, since they're a good length of rope that stretches, and it's all twisted together which provides extra tensile strength.
theducks @ 10:18 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
Instead of regular rope, I suggest the thinkgeek survival rope

Using a sheet of mylar as a base and wrapping over it, you can store a few metres of duct-tape in a small, flat area.

Also, like Hank Scorpio, you should always keep loose sugar in your pockets.
mpfl @ 10:31 AM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
In my manbag, I have:

Shopping bags

Plus an ironic badge.
greyreviews @ 11:58 PM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
Another vote for duct tape.
1 wire coat hanger (straightened out and then bent to follow the outer contour of the bag for ease of carrying)
2 tea bags

Looking at your list most of the weight would be from the rope, keeping in mind that 10m jumps are quite survivable for anyone who remembers to roll, i would get rid of both of the ropes and just pack 2 occy straps for if you need to tie anything down.

Also ditch the zippo for waterproof matches they weigh less and are more reliable.

Finally ditch the iPad and wait for wrist/arm mounted computers to become widely available for sensibly portable computer power. You are just lugging around this century's version of the fob-watch.
liluri @ 6:36 AM on Sat, 19 Jun 10
Altoids survival kit?

Decaffeinated chewing gum

If you've got long hair I'd recommend one of these

LED pen/torch

Not sure if small cloth is for cleaning screen, if not, a screen cleaning cloth :)
anxiolytic @ 10:53 AM on Sat, 19 Jun 10
dr_mickey_k @ 11:03 PM on Sat, 19 Jun 10
A small paper notepad? Nice complement to the pen, and you can set fire to it!