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Sunday, 25th October, 2009

hipikat @ 12:35 PM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
Life, oh life
Lack of updates here recently may have had something to do with going out pretty much every night for the last year. I suspect generalised anxiety giving rise to generalised procrastination.

This Thursday I'm moving in with the truly excellent strangedave and doctor_k_. I've got a strong feeling my life's about to change strangely and for the better. Volunteers for moving shit on the weekend are required :D

Have been trying to be social, and get to know deeper, more and more different, random wonderful people. Intending to keep this up as it's verrrry nice. Volunteers also required for this. The objective is to form deep emotional and/or intellectual friendships with people I am not necessarily involved with physically.

Lack of updates are also probably largely related to two different sides of my lifestyle getting more interesting, and the feeling that they don't fit in the same social media stream at all. So I'm thinking of doing as people tend to do - creating a new persona and containerising my lives! I'd be very interested in thoughts on this from anyone who actively maintains two or more such identities online...


gotica @ 5:06 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
Darn you *shakes fists* you have me thinking introspectively now.
hipikat @ 5:10 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
Whaaaat what'd I do?
gotica @ 6:34 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
Your question on multiple personas and containerising and so forth promotes introspective thinking on the topic of personality, coupled with the thoughts on life and lifestyle is what you've done :P
stephiepenguin @ 5:12 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
I find containerising my lives both very frustrating and very useful. It means that I post as often as I want to, and instead of ending up with three posts in one day in my blog, I have one post in three blogs and I don't feel like I'm boring people. But sometimes I want to post something that intersects all over the place, and it's hard to decide into which blog to post. Also some of my blogs have no linking with other blogs (or my actual name) at all, so I have to be really conscious of where I'm putting what information.
alias_sqbr @ 5:24 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
I don't really have two identities, just two blogs, though I have somewhat organically developed slightly different ways of posting at both. Like stephie I like the "not boring people" aspect but have trouble dividing things. And then I say something and realise that anyone not reading my other blog needs context but don't want to bore the people who do...
tzisorey @ 6:24 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
I have 2 or 3 identities - but if I gave any tips, I'd have to kill you.
hipikat @ 6:31 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
Could any of your other identities perhaps give me some tips without having to kill me?
tzisorey @ 6:38 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
Sometimes you have to take a holiday from yourself to keep from breaking.
doctor_k_ @ 7:47 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
Remind me to give you a house key soon
dilettantiquity @ 8:10 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
I'd like to volunteer for the house-moving on the weekend, but I have a friend coming to stay for a while who might need me around. If it's okay, I'll let you know once I have a better idea how she's doing. xx

(Edit: Sorry Doctor K, the reply buttons on this layout confuse and enrage me!) :)
nephron @ 8:18 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
I would like to get to know you better (again?).

I don't compartmentalise my life online that much, but I certainly do IRL. No, I lie. I have two me-compartments online, and two in real life. I don't know how I do it- it just seems they organically grew that way?
ataxi @ 8:20 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
I should be able to lend a hand moving stuff if needed. Just give me a bell Thursday or Friday to lock me in for two or three hours Saturday or Sunday ...

I'm doing the opposite and trying to "de-containerise" myself a little for what it's worth. For me this mainly just involves being a bit more open with people. It is getting easier as I get less embarrassed about myself with age.
tommmo @ 10:45 AM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
Happy to help with moving, just let me know when and where.
doctor_k_ @ 12:28 PM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
I have night shifts on the weekend, so if you could do all the noisy moving bits through the side door, that would be best.
stephiepenguin @ 12:16 AM on Mon, 26 Oct 09
Are you still coming to Melbourne at the end of the year? Both Danni and I would like to hang out with you...
hipikat @ 1:18 AM on Mon, 26 Oct 09
Yus, but haven't booked time yet. Also probably going to be slightly tight with the money requirements of getting and staying there, which is frustrating because I get the impression there are going to be about a million clothes I need :)

AND I can't think of many better people to go shopping with since I'm trying to recreate my entire wardrobe as trendy/androgynous/feminine without being female/Vince Noir/genderqueer/slightly in the direction of Eddie Izzard but pulling up short of transvestite.

Maybe I should actually try to save.
stephiepenguin @ 1:24 AM on Mon, 26 Oct 09
If you need a place to crash, we have a very very comfortable couch (it folds out to an awesome double bed, thanks, ikea!), and live about 20 minutes by tram from the CBD. AND there are some awesome shops around where we live that might fit that clothing category. :o)
hipikat @ 2:22 AM on Wed, 28 Oct 09
Might take you up on that couch, since I'd like to take a few extra days on top of the con to explore the city, since I have enough leave saved up and since the con hotel is the Rydges :P
stephiepenguin @ 2:24 AM on Wed, 28 Oct 09
No worries! Please schedule your extra days to be after the con though - I notice it's 3-6 December, and we actually have Zanchey + Sheeba staying with us until 3 December. :o)
stephiepenguin @ 2:01 AM on Fri, 30 Oct 09
hey can you just confirm when/if you want to stay with us? we're just...scheduling things, and I need to know if you're staying with us that weekend and commuting to the con, or staying at the hotel for the con and staying with us afterwards. i need to know now pleeeaaaassseeee. :o)

hipikat @ 2:49 AM on Fri, 30 Oct 09
Would be staying at the con hotel for the con (if my current financial problems don't prevent me from going to Melbourne at all :P). Will specifically get extra-days-off on the after-the-con side to stay with you guys, as requested. Do you need to know how many of those I'd be fishing for now?
stephiepenguin @ 2:54 AM on Fri, 30 Oct 09
nope, you can let know later. just needed to know if our couch was free for the saturday. :o)
dannipenguin @ 7:49 AM on Mon, 26 Oct 09
Let us introduce you to the op-shops on Sydney Rd.
logansrogue @ 5:06 AM on Mon, 26 Oct 09
Any time you wanna hang, I'm cool for it. I'm completely asexual lately and I figure I'm very different than when I used to spend heaps of time with you a few years ago. So it's almost like hanging out with someone new. Almost. LOL!
transcendancing @ 1:26 PM on Mon, 4 Jan 10
I recently (just over 12 months ago) came to terms with not hiding bits of myself away... the result has been overwhelmingly positive, and surprisingly so. I'd be terrible at considerations for separation of identities, but possibly very good for handling stuff if it does all come out even when least expected or desired.