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Monday, 21st September, 2009

hipikat @ 3:40 PM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
Regular laser tag anyone?
I used to play laser tag weekly at DarkZone WA and it was about the most awesome thing in the world. Keeps you fit, heaps of fun with friends, not that expensive. And right near The Moon, so generally dinner and/or deserts with said bunch of friends afterwards.

If I were thinking of getting a team back together, who'd be interested? Beware the heretics, this is the path of righteousness.

Edit: Apparently league nights are on Monday, so don't be showin' interest unless you'd be reliably available and eager then.


ataxi @ 7:47 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
If you like copping an asthma attack from running around banging your shins on MDF in the dark in a cramped space that smells like a cross between a morgue and a cigar den!
robthesilent @ 8:12 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
Yay for Z3!
I support your call, Adam.
Z3 is good, depending on what you put into it.
If you get something running, I would be honoured to put in a brief appearance over the Xmas/NYE time, if it's running then.
I've been playing it quite a lot over here in Hobart, albeit mainly because I didn't find an indoor soccer team first.
Plus, you tend to get geeks of some persuasion there, which suited me down to the ground.

How's this for odd - paintball is actually *illegal* (both the game itself, and owning a personal paintball gun) in tasmania, yet fireworks are not. Go figure :) It's easier and less paperwork to legitably own a shotgun than a paintball one.

And the moon down the street is a solid draw card.

The Z3 system uses python I think as well.
Of course, the owners will probably be most against the idea of random alterations, something about voiding a very expensive warranty.

But that's never been a good reason for not trying....
conradin @ 8:24 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
Heh, I'm up for some shin and knee bruising!
(Anonymous) @ 8:39 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
hipikat @ 8:46 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
Could you go tenpin bowling?
I'm developing a craving for that too, at the moment.
vegetus @ 8:56 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
I'm noticing that too... but less with the not moving and more with they I don't live here thing for me.
ausizoro @ 8:56 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
I want in :D
wolfadawn @ 9:08 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
Sounds good. If its ever happening on a Saturday, I might give it a go.
wolfadawn @ 6:05 AM on Tue, 22 Sep 09
Curses! Just saw the edit.
wolphin @ 9:46 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
Don't think I'd be in for regular ones, but social one I would be in. And as for the heretics, I'm in the splinter group that votes for volleyball. We're somewhere on the outside and most people laugh at us. :}
hipikat @ 9:50 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
No, no. I've got friends doing volleyball. And others doing basketball, and now others getting back to soccer. None of these interest me even remotely :P
greyreviews @ 10:58 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
Yeah I could be interested depending on the team etc.

BTW your LJ design sucks, it cuts everything off along the right border.

hipikat @ 11:01 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
My lj design is stupid-post proof.
One idiot can't fuck up my whole friends page :)
It's by design.
leemur @ 11:02 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
I was going to say I would be interested, but then you linked to that whole soccer thing, and that's looking pretty interesting as well....
the_riviera_kid @ 11:09 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
If only it wasn't on Mondays.
dr_mickey_k @ 4:12 PM on Tue, 22 Sep 09
I am currently playing on Tuesdays at Malaga if you are interetsed? I could also perhaps be persuded to do Monday night as well.
hipikat @ 2:08 AM on Wed, 23 Sep 09
Methinks Northbridge is about as far as I'll ever regularly stray from Nedlands :)