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Tuesday, 28th July, 2009

hipikat @ 11:43 AM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
Nedlands / housing
I've just been booted from my home (2 months to vacate) because I'm no longer a student.

Would anyone reading this be interested in moving into a house in Nedlands with me?

It would seriously be an adventure.

But you'd have to be extremely open-minded.


vegetus @ 3:56 AM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
But you still work at the uni???

Move to London and live with me.
hipikat @ 4:08 AM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
Now it's student housing only.

And London sounds cold.
torque_635 @ 4:42 AM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
Its obvious. Enroll in another degree for 4-10 years more fun :P
alias_sqbr @ 4:42 AM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
Not looking for a housemate, but good luck.
ausizoro @ 5:45 AM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
major bummer, good luck.

tzisorey @ 9:04 AM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
Sorry - got my own place (at $221/week - W00t) but HOW openminded would they have to be?
lazarus85 @ 9:19 AM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
Bad timing... myself and Patrio's lease finishes at the end of the year. Good luck with finding something!
fleet @ 10:10 AM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
I would consider it, but i'm way too messy to ever live with you.
mexicanjewlizrd @ 1:09 PM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
*bites tongue*
*bleeds a little*
fleet @ 2:00 PM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
lol... I would consider living with you too... but i'm pretty sure the sexual tension would be too much to handle
mexicanjewlizrd @ 2:14 PM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
dammit, and now I'm running out of tissues again.
obeisance @ 12:11 PM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
When I read the "extremely open minded" thing I snorted pepsi max out my nose.

Thanks for that. lol.
doctor_k_ @ 3:07 AM on Wed, 29 Jul 09
I'm sure we can come to some interim arrangement
riverstar @ 7:46 AM on Wed, 29 Jul 09
talk to ben
hes looking for similar reasons
benmurrihy @ 11:22 AM on Wed, 29 Jul 09
I need to move out of my current share house at some point (a particularly intolerable housemate). And I would like to stay in Nedlands area.

My only pause would be at the italics. It makes me wonder what kind of things you're referring to such that extremely open-minded is not enough; it has to be extremely.

I usually consider myself to be extremely open-minded, but this whole italics thing has got me a little paranoid :). Maybe I just didn't get it.
hipikat @ 11:50 AM on Wed, 29 Jul 09
Yeah, the emphasis was half joking :)

I'm now sitting on a few different potential things and haven't been able to process any of them because I'm half way through Swine Flu... I'll talk to you more when my head isn't in fever dream territory.
anxiolytic @ 1:00 PM on Wed, 29 Jul 09
If you move in with a messy person, the first time you complain I'm going to punch you until your OCD is cured.
hipikat @ 2:11 AM on Tue, 4 Aug 09
Hey Ben - probably a negatory - you got an email address? I've still got your tartarus address! I'm