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Thursday, 1st January, 2009

hipikat @ 1:14 PM on Thu, 1 Jan 09
I think I'm dying
I forgot that 8 hours in a hot spa can really, really dehydrate you. Gin too, apparently.

Anyway I'm going to Bolt at 2:30 at innaloo (75 minutes from time of posting) so I can recover in peaceful dark for two hours. If anyone else is interested... You probably haven't been given enough notice. But you're welcome =^.^=


tzisorey @ 5:05 AM on Thu, 1 Jan 09
What were you doing in a spa for 8 hours? o.O
hipikat @ 5:15 AM on Thu, 1 Jan 09
Trying to relax :)
strangedave @ 5:54 AM on Thu, 1 Jan 09
fallimar @ 5:07 AM on Thu, 1 Jan 09
would have loved to have come but I doubt ticketage will be gettable even if we leave now :(


Must catch up sometime though, would be great to see a movie :)
hipikat @ 5:19 AM on Thu, 1 Jan 09
Got here half an hour early and I'm doubting I'll get half way to the front of the line by the time the movie starts :) So there's a reasonable chance I'll be seeing the 2-hours-later session...
hipikat @ 5:27 AM on Thu, 1 Jan 09
Yup - 16:30 session is go! Getting tickets for Ral & Travis and don't have cash for more but if they get here before I reach the front I could get your tickets - got a mobile number?
lazarus85 @ 6:56 AM on Thu, 1 Jan 09
damn that would be fun >_>
djlockie @ 12:58 PM on Thu, 1 Jan 09
Would love to join you another time if there is hehe i could soak up some water haha how dark is it lol my feathers might get wet cat fly hope your fur doesnt like chasing birds ;)
ralmiska @ 2:08 PM on Thu, 1 Jan 09
Great movie. Cheers for having us. :)

Travis cried, by the way. D'awww.
hipikat @ 4:24 AM on Fri, 2 Jan 09
Oh I cried too. The opening Penny/Bolt action scene reminded me waaay too much of the Y.T./Fido thing in Snowcrash, which always has me sobbing like a baby.