Thursday, 30th December, 2010

12:09 PM on Thu, 30 Dec 10
So I hear LJ's coming back... Probably TMI ranting within.
Word on the street is that in 2011 everyone's going to abandon Twitter and return to LJ, so I'm getting in early. I've always liked LJ, but it's one of the stickiest mediums for me, mostly because I've always philosophically liked the idea of entries in this format being public; and over the last several years most of the interesting parts of my life have been becoming increasingly more private.

Actually, come to think of it that really is a problem. Well if you don't start seeing more updates from me, either you're not on my interesting filters or I've failed to actually start updating more regularly again.

Okay so what was 2011 all about which is fit for public consumption?

Relationship with helen_jess was reborn from the ashes and subsequently fell apart again. Though we remain extremely close, we haven't been spending quite so much time together as we were after the first time we broke up. This is probably attributable to her spending much time with her new beau as well as my being distracted by a world of things I'm probably not going to include in this post.

And suddenly for the first time in my life really I'm finding an actual vague desire to want to meet people for possible ongoing emotional involvement. It's most annoying. Mostly because I have no idea if this state would have come about naturally and it's just a function of ageing, or if it's because I got used to it. In any case, while the overwhelming bisexuality at my core opens up a lot of possibilities, the desire to have this role exclusively filled by kinky furries somewhat limits them.

So what else for 2010? Probably drank way more than I should have and didn't get much sleep, but that's not out of ordinary and I'm pretty sure I'm not in a horrible danger zone yet. Plus it was mostly in the name of awesome fun, mostly with new people. Incredible amount of introductions had this year, probably the majority related at some level to concepts brought up in the previous paragraph.

Moar stuffs. I built speakers but couldn't force myself to get around to painting them. Went to Melbourne twice and accomplished my life goals. Made an awful lot of scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast. Bought an iPad and got an incredible amount of use out of it. Had my bike stolen through stupidity and had my amazing friends buy me a new one for my birthday. Started to buy really quite nice underwear. Won the UCC::ProgComp, beating all the other entrant.

Yus, but overall my year seems to have been defined by the fact that I've been enjoying living with doctor_k_ and strangedave far too much to find time to post to LJ. But I think I like LJ! Much more room to be flowery.

Thursday, 17th June, 2010

3:53 PM on Thu, 17 Jun 10
Portable MacGyver pack
So I accidentally bought an iPad.

Now I have a sizeable and user friendly chunk of ubiquitously connected computing power that's small and light enough to carry everywhere. It feels natural that the little bag hosting it should be decked out with a standard set of useful things, to help me MacGyver my way out of sticky situations.

This morning I started making a list! Now I'm asking for useful suggestions. So far I've got:

  • Pen

  • Unlined Moleskine (there's a thin one the exact size of the iPad)

  • Zippo lighter

  • A few metres 5mm rope (good climbing store type)

  • A few metres 2mm elastic rope (ditto)

  • A Leatherman (I'm looking at the Juice S2)

  • Pillbox with assorted pills (multivitamins, analgesics, anxiolytics, conradin suggests laxatives =O.o=)

  • Condoms

  • Small hair brush

  • Hair lackeys

  • iPad

  • Small cloth

I'm skipping on the torch because my phone's carried by default and the iPad can output a reasonable number of photons on demand.

Added thanks to comments (sorry if you didn't make the cut, I am trying to minimise my weight here):
  • Flash drive (containing password encrypted scans of important documents)

  • Paperclip

What's missing from this list?

Monday, 7th June, 2010

2:33 PM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
I'm a real furry now!
A little over 12 years ago I realised I had some hard-to-describe attraction to anthropomorphic animals. A little under 12 years ago I discovered the furry fandom and it's been feeding me anthro fantasy chow ever since. A very short time after that I discovered Chris Goodwin (main site, flickr, Fur Affinity, eselgeist) and immediately fell in love with his art, which wasn't actually very good back then. I've been a bit obsessed with his creative output (far more than any other human being) all this time.

Occasionally (rarely) he opens himself up to a tiny window of commissions. I got one =^.^= I think I'd been waiting for it for a very long time; it's unusual for someone as obsessed as myself to have not commissioned a character portrait. No other artist (on offer) ever really inspired me toward one enough for it to happen. Now that a design concept exists I feel as though the floodgates may have opened :O

Thursday, 21st January, 2010

5:05 PM on Thu, 21 Jan 10
I've been thinking...
Poll #1514454 On nipple piercings

Pierced nipples on men (of my level of attractiveness/ugliness), visible through reasonably tight-around-the-chest shirts.

Good thing.
Bad thing.
I honestly have no opinion on this matter.

Friday, 8th January, 2010

1:45 PM on Fri, 8 Jan 10
I've gone and desensitised myself again.
Long story short, I'm completely desensitised and now have no idea how acceptable a topic of conversation rope play/rope bondage is to uninterested outsiders and random third parties. Beautiful/artistic, not inherently sexual thing, or implying too much about things you don't want to think about friends getting up to in their spare time?

Clarification: Okay I'm not asking 'what do you imagine a cultural average would be' - this is a poll - give me your personal response and we do the maths from that real data :) Incidentally, you can change an answer once you've made it in LJ polls if you haven't noticed.

Addendum: Don't abstain if you think you're an outlier - I know full well the sample space I'm polling is my friends on Livejournal and there are going to be biases.

Poll #1508710 Rope and innocence

How innocent is rope play, as a topic of discussion?

0 - Totally innocent
10 - Totally depraved

I'm also hopefully about getting a bell curve with a calculable standard deviation.

Update: Should have guessed! :D

Friday, 4th December, 2009

5:41 PM on Fri, 4 Dec 09
I has a fork.
Since I'm currently in Melbourne at a furry convention, and since some people who follow me on Twitter are probably happy to remain under the impression that I'm straight, relatively conservative and not obsessed with anthropomorphic animals, @hipikat has forked into @enozay.

Friday, 13th November, 2009

1:21 PM on Fri, 13 Nov 09
MidFur pre-con post inspired by kurreltheraven
Presumptuously turning kurreltheraven's post into a meme, since why not and I'm on the tail-end of a lunch break without enough time to invent my own questions...

I'm going to be at MiDFur.

Questions and answers about MidFur and MECollapse )

Sunday, 25th October, 2009

12:35 PM on Sun, 25 Oct 09
Life, oh life
Lack of updates here recently may have had something to do with going out pretty much every night for the last year. I suspect generalised anxiety giving rise to generalised procrastination.

This Thursday I'm moving in with the truly excellent strangedave and doctor_k_. I've got a strong feeling my life's about to change strangely and for the better. Volunteers for moving shit on the weekend are required :D

Have been trying to be social, and get to know deeper, more and more different, random wonderful people. Intending to keep this up as it's verrrry nice. Volunteers also required for this. The objective is to form deep emotional and/or intellectual friendships with people I am not necessarily involved with physically.

Lack of updates are also probably largely related to two different sides of my lifestyle getting more interesting, and the feeling that they don't fit in the same social media stream at all. So I'm thinking of doing as people tend to do - creating a new persona and containerising my lives! I'd be very interested in thoughts on this from anyone who actively maintains two or more such identities online...

Monday, 21st September, 2009

5:29 PM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
Large print section of the internet
Poll #1460356 Google big fontiness

Google increased their main search page font size recently...

Good thing.
Bad thing.
I'm using a workaround.
I didn't notice.

Edit: What do you mean you didn't notice don't you look at that page 79 times a day?!!
3:40 PM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
Regular laser tag anyone?
I used to play laser tag weekly at DarkZone WA and it was about the most awesome thing in the world. Keeps you fit, heaps of fun with friends, not that expensive. And right near The Moon, so generally dinner and/or deserts with said bunch of friends afterwards.

If I were thinking of getting a team back together, who'd be interested? Beware the heretics, this is the path of righteousness.

Edit: Apparently league nights are on Monday, so don't be showin' interest unless you'd be reliably available and eager then.

Tuesday, 28th July, 2009

11:43 AM on Tue, 28 Jul 09
Nedlands / housing
I've just been booted from my home (2 months to vacate) because I'm no longer a student.

Would anyone reading this be interested in moving into a house in Nedlands with me?

It would seriously be an adventure.

But you'd have to be extremely open-minded.

Friday, 15th May, 2009

2:58 PM on Fri, 15 May 09
Cory Doctorow's onto something
Poll #1400233 Of frequencies, radios and identifications

How do you say RFID?

Arr Eff Eye Dee

Thursday, 16th April, 2009

4:28 PM on Thu, 16 Apr 09
True wuv, that is.
Poll #1384557 The nature of love

Romantic love is a complex adaptive system


Monday, 9th March, 2009

10:47 PM on Mon, 9 Mar 09
Glowing blue penis
Actually I only caught a glimpse or two. How am I the only one who only caught a glimpse?? You people make me sick. And proud.

Monday, 9th February, 2009

2:37 PM on Mon, 9 Feb 09
Topical xkcd
Every time I've brought this up with someone they've shot me down saying THEIR WAY IS OBVISOUS. Well, my curiosity has just been validated.

Poll #1346171 Parenthetical statements with emoticons

How do you do it?

The clean (but questionable :) way
The syntactically (assuming you treat emoticons like glyphs :)) way?

Addendum: Yes, obviously I'm missing a 'correct' from the last question, but you can't edit poll questions once you've created the poll (for obvious reasons).

Tuesday, 20th January, 2009

10:53 AM on Tue, 20 Jan 09
I've Loved You So Long
... is playing at the Somerville tonight, and I'm reserving seats.

I'm totally saving seats at lunchtime today, if you want one.

Sunday, 18th January, 2009

9:44 AM on Sun, 18 Jan 09
Why yes, I am a freak
survey banner

Monday, 12th January, 2009

8:49 PM on Mon, 12 Jan 09
Somerville, mah niggaz!!!
What's happenin', bitches?

There's a movie on at The Somerville tomorrow (Tuesday) night, called Fugitive Pieces, and I'm going. And you're invited. Gates at 18:00 for picnickers, film at 20:30. Want me to reserve you a seat? Contact me in any one of 20 ways.

Cheers =^.^=
5:56 PM on Mon, 12 Jan 09
Stupid question time

Should I have a party?


Thursday, 1st January, 2009

1:14 PM on Thu, 1 Jan 09
I think I'm dying
I forgot that 8 hours in a hot spa can really, really dehydrate you. Gin too, apparently.

Anyway I'm going to Bolt at 2:30 at innaloo (75 minutes from time of posting) so I can recover in peaceful dark for two hours. If anyone else is interested... You probably haven't been given enough notice. But you're welcome =^.^=

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