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Monday, 7th June, 2010

hipikat @ 2:33 PM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
I'm a real furry now!
A little over 12 years ago I realised I had some hard-to-describe attraction to anthropomorphic animals. A little under 12 years ago I discovered the furry fandom and it's been feeding me anthro fantasy chow ever since. A very short time after that I discovered Chris Goodwin (main site, flickr, Fur Affinity, eselgeist) and immediately fell in love with his art, which wasn't actually very good back then. I've been a bit obsessed with his creative output (far more than any other human being) all this time.

Occasionally (rarely) he opens himself up to a tiny window of commissions. I got one =^.^= I think I'd been waiting for it for a very long time; it's unusual for someone as obsessed as myself to have not commissioned a character portrait. No other artist (on offer) ever really inspired me toward one enough for it to happen. Now that a design concept exists I feel as though the floodgates may have opened :O


angriest @ 6:38 AM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
Is that the commissioned work, or just an example of his art? Either way I really like the use of colour and the brushwork.
hipikat @ 7:11 AM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
That's the commissioned work right there :)
11" x 8.5", gouache, over collage, some ink.
angriest @ 7:12 AM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
It's awesome.
atpaw @ 7:07 AM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
Looks great. :)
alias_sqbr @ 7:20 AM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
I dabble in anthropomorphic animal art but I don't tend to like the style adopted by a lot of furry fandom. But I like this.

I like the textures, very layered and...I'm not sure visceral is the word I'm looking for...anyway, I like it :)

tzisorey @ 7:20 AM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
Congrats. I saw someone ask in his journal post, whether it was for sale. He said no, of course. Didn't realise YOU were the commissioner, though. Looks awesome!
ladyredde @ 7:47 AM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
that is simply gorgeous :}

I love his work
mpfl @ 12:00 PM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
Teeheehee. Donkey art.
starla80 @ 1:47 PM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
That is extraordinarily cool. :)
drhoz @ 1:50 PM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
very nice. :)
transcendancing @ 3:33 PM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
This is incredibly strong and beautiful.

Like you. xx
vegetus @ 11:38 PM on Mon, 7 Jun 10
Awesome- it's you!
fleet @ 10:24 AM on Tue, 8 Jun 10
I wouldn't worry too much until you've paid $1500US for a single comission. :P
lazarus85 @ 11:31 AM on Tue, 8 Jun 10
My gods, that is awesome Hipikat! congrats on 12+ years ^^
kalamadae @ 5:48 PM on Tue, 8 Jun 10
His artwork is magnificent! Brilliant for something tradition, i can understand why it inspires you.^_^
greyreviews @ 1:19 AM on Thu, 10 Jun 10
During the day he passes amongst us unnoticed as mild mannered cheetah, yet as darkness falls evildoers beware the power of: Lightning Cat!
mbala @ 2:29 AM on Thu, 7 Oct 10
I'm amazed!
This is awesome. I haven't seen a piece like this - really colorful, yet subtle at the same time - for a loong time. Inspire more stuff like this, now that the floodgates are opened. :)