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Friday, 4th December, 2009

hipikat @ 5:41 PM on Fri, 4 Dec 09
I has a fork.
Since I'm currently in Melbourne at a furry convention, and since some people who follow me on Twitter are probably happy to remain under the impression that I'm straight, relatively conservative and not obsessed with anthropomorphic animals, @hipikat has forked into @enozay.


vegetus @ 6:54 AM on Fri, 4 Dec 09
Yay for Melbourne! How are you finding it?
angriest @ 6:59 AM on Fri, 4 Dec 09
I see from your new Twitter that you've been to Polyester Books. I went there once. There was a chubby man with a big moustache sitting behind the counter, who was wearing a cape and watching hardcore pornography on a television.

(Actually I have been to Polyester Books several times and bought many books there, but the moustachied porn-watching cape-wearer story is 100% true!)
greyreviews @ 11:21 AM on Fri, 4 Dec 09
What???? are you saying you are NOT going to vote for his holiness Mr Abbott at the next election?