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Monday, 21st September, 2009

hipikat @ 5:29 PM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
Large print section of the internet
Poll #1460356 Google big fontiness

Google increased their main search page font size recently...

Good thing.
Bad thing.
I'm using a workaround.
I didn't notice.

Edit: What do you mean you didn't notice don't you look at that page 79 times a day?!!


kadeton @ 9:53 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
I haven't looked at the main Google search page in ages. I just type whatever search into my address bar and it comes up with whatever page fits best, which is almost always right.

All my genuine Google searching is done via Scholar and Books.
drackir @ 10:11 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
I just use the inbuilt searcher instead of going to google.
madmanmarkau @ 10:25 AM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
pooxs @ 12:06 PM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
I use google on four different computers every day, of which the screen res (and physical size for that matter) is probably different on each one, so no, didn't notice.
elaran @ 12:45 PM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
noticed but didn't care.
ralmiska @ 12:54 PM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
thanners @ 2:33 PM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
Didn't look much different in w3m today as opposed to any other time..
cyrin_phin @ 3:16 PM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
I find myself mashing Ctrl+0 to reset the zoom, only to find that it's already at 1:1 :P
evil_megz @ 11:49 PM on Mon, 21 Sep 09
I'm looking at it and having a hard time believing you... how small was it before? It looks like more or less the same default font size used everywhere and I never noticed it being smaller, and since I sit a meter and a half from my monitor (tv) I tend to notice when fonts are too small as I have to lean in.
Maybe my computer is set somehow to overwrite font size ? I don't know these things.