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Monday, 9th March, 2009

hipikat @ 10:47 PM on Mon, 9 Mar 09
Glowing blue penis
Actually I only caught a glimpse or two. How am I the only one who only caught a glimpse?? You people make me sick. And proud.


gotica @ 2:47 PM on Mon, 9 Mar 09
Come again?
lazarus85 @ 2:48 PM on Mon, 9 Mar 09
watchmen!!! i am not alone!
leemur @ 5:24 PM on Mon, 9 Mar 09
I made sure to see as much quantum wang as possible.
ozdragonlady @ 9:18 PM on Mon, 9 Mar 09
a glimpse?
it was plastered all over the screen ...

I kept thinking "how are they going to manage that?"
ataxi @ 12:01 AM on Tue, 10 Mar 09
It's obvious you have a higher degree of wang tolerance than most. That much wang is just normal -- for you.
tommmo @ 1:54 AM on Tue, 10 Mar 09
Dude, they might as well have called the film Get Turkeyslapped by Doctor Manhattan.
hipikat @ 2:02 AM on Tue, 10 Mar 09
I think my problem is that the first time it was on screen it was just hanging straight down, uninterestingly not doing anything. So I assumed they weren't going to go anywhere with the penis character, and stopped paying attention.
tommmo @ 3:33 AM on Tue, 10 Mar 09
I'm sure it would've got your attention if they showed some wang when Dr Manhatten was in giganto mode. Imagine the audience reaction as the camera pans down to a 3 metre long glowing blue wang.
purrdence @ 7:32 AM on Tue, 10 Mar 09
And some person out there has 'rendered Doctor Manhattan's cock' on their resume...
drackir @ 11:58 AM on Tue, 10 Mar 09
Well the cut out the scene where Doc. Manhattan used it to repel nukes from America, wasn't close enough to the comic apparently.

Not having seen it yet I find it interesting thats what everyone keeps going on about. Blue wang was the most important thing in the film apparently.

The comics usually showed Doc from the side or cut off above that area.
sweetjesus26 @ 5:23 AM on Wed, 11 Mar 09
Actually I'm pretty sure there must have been some metaphysical trickery to keep it hanging exactly straight down for the entire film. There was no whirly-copter to be seen!
hipikat @ 6:13 AM on Wed, 11 Mar 09
I'm told that if I'd kept watching I would have noticed it swaying from side to side as he walked.
sweetjesus26 @ 6:45 AM on Wed, 11 Mar 09
It seems to vary based on whether Dr Manhattan was currently acting or being computer generated... you could also tell from the manner of his movements. Sometimes they were too smooth, other times they were very human. I'd like to watch the movie in more detail to see if that means anything. Not to look at his penis.
madmanmarkau @ 4:34 AM on Tue, 10 Mar 09
greteldragon @ 8:36 AM on Tue, 10 Mar 09
drhoz @ 11:13 AM on Tue, 10 Mar 09
I was too busy paying attention to his face - Amazingly distant expression, maintained for most of the movie. Very impressive